The Affirmation Garden - Book

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Indigo, The Rainbow Pixie, takes children on an adventure of self-discovery through a magical garden full of affirmations. This empowering story will teach children how to use positive words and thoughts to help create wonderful experiences so they can realise their full potential and be a source of their own happiness.

Full of vibrant imagery The Affirmation Garden is children’s a book with over 100 affirmations. There are hidden affirmations featured throughout as well as pages full of practical hints and activities for parents and teachers to help educate children about the power of positive affirmations.

Take a walk in The Affirmation Garden and see how to make your child’s garden of confidence grow and grow and grow…


The Affirmation Garden: An Empowering Adventure for Children

Title: Affirmation Garden, The

Publisher: Joshua Books
Author: Amy Hamilton
ISBN: 9780980533880
Format: Paperback
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