Tooth Fairy Box

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Tooth Fairy Box gifts for children.

Remember when your first tooth fell out?
That sheer sense of awe, followed by a sheer joy and an excitement that could move mountains about what was to follow the next morning?
Remember how you held your breath as your parents carefully placed your tiny tooth in a matchbox and placed it under your pillow or dropped the tooth into a special glass of water and they told you to do the impossible - go to sleep?
This was more exciting than getting $2 and being sent to the lolly shop on your own, how on earth did they expect you to sleep?
Ignite your child's imagination with this timeless heirloom - their very own Tooth Fairy Box.
Don't let those precious memories slip by unnoticed (or unstyled). Gift your child memories to last a lifetime.

A Tooth Fairy Box Keepsake will be treasured for years, ignite the imagination of your child and create the same wonderful memories that you had when you were little. Your Child, will be super excited to have an individual Tooth fairy box gift keepsake from the Tooth Fairy when they loose their tooth. No more messy water in a glass, or loosing teeth under a pillow, just pop their lost tooth into their unique Tooth Fairy Box.

We have personalised designs to suit any child, a durable Resin product which holds a $2 coin, Australian Handmade and they are 4.5L x 3.5W x 2H cm in size.