Wooden Elf Shoe Door - North Pole

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Step into the enchanting world of Christmas magic with our delightful Elf Doors! Ignite your child's imagination and bring the holiday spirit to life with these charming, hand-painted wooden doors. Perfect for creating whimsical stories and fostering pretend play, each Elf Door is unique—crafted with care and painted by hand, ensuring no two are alike.

Ideal for indoor use, our Elf Doors are a must-have addition to your holiday decor. Whether it's nestled in a cozy corner of your home or placed under the Christmas tree, it's sure to spark joy and wonder. The Perfect portal for your family Elf to enter your house.

Support small business and add a touch of Australian craftsmanship to your festivities. Order yours today and let the magic of Christmas begin!

Materials: Craft Wood, paint Dimensions: Width 15 cm, Height 12 cm, Depth 2 mm

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