Worry Stones Galaxy

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Sensory Calming Tool
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Worry Stones are proven to be very therapeutic & aid in reducing stressors & anxious feelings. When you hold and rub your Worry Stone, a feeling is activated through the nerve pressure in the thumb.

Rubbing a worry stone can calm your nerves and relieve stress instantly.

These beautiful Worry Stones are a pocket size tool to help with worries and anxious feelings. Rubbing a calming stone can provide relief from stress and anxiety to support your child's sensory needs so they feel calmer and better able to concentrate.

Keep your worry stone with you, when you are feeling anxious feelings or are in need of some grounding, it will be right there to help. The stone has an indent in the centre for your, or your child's thumb, and massaging it provides important sensory input for your child.

This can help soothe and regulate the nervous system and regulate the stress response.

Each Worry Stone is made from resin therefore colours and shapes may vary slightly from what is pictured.

Rubbing a worry stone can calm your nerves and relieve stress instantly.

You will receive 3 Worry Stones in a gift bag along with an explanation worry stone card.

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